Oraichain interconnects Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain technologies.
Oraichain's data oracle aggregates and connects Artificial Intelligence APIs to smart
contracts and regular applications. It is the world’s first AI-powered oracle aiming to
revolutionize the AI, DeFi and Blockchain industries.

The first use case of Oraichain: yAI.finance,
a DeFi platform using unique AI-based features and strategies.

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AI-powered Oracle and Ecosystem for Blockchains

AI Oracle

Oraichain enhances smart contracts by allowing them to securely access external AI APIs. While, currently, blockchain platforms focus on price oracles, with Oraichain, smart contracts are able to utilize reliable AI data. This provides dApp users with new and valuable functionalities. Systems utilize Oraichain by sending requests to validators, which acquire and test data from various AI APIs and store it on-chain, guaranteeing reliability and allowing it to be used as proof in the future.

AI Marketplace

The Oraichain AI Marketplace is a place where Artificial Intelligence is brought into the blockchain. Here, AI providers can sell their AI services for ORAI token rewards. Such services can be AI-based yield farming, face authentication, price prediction, and more. The providers can host their models on Oraichain, without the need to rely on any third parties. This gives small companies and individuals in the AI field a chance to compete with larger ones while getting exposure to users around the world. Initially, some AI services will be supplied by the development team as a foundation for others to join in. Meanwhile, users and developers can use ORAI tokens to pay for AI services they need.

AI Ecosystem

The AI ecosystem extends beyond the AI Marketplace. It includes AI infrastructure that supports AI providers building their models before deploying them onto the Oraichain network. A complete and fully functional web GUI is expected to assist AI providers in publishing their services easier and faster. The Ecosystem also allows users to follow the overall flow of the handling of their AI requests, from start to finish. This helps increase the transparency and integrity of the system, allowing users to easily see malicious providers or validators who execute the request poorly.

Staking & Earning

Users can become delegators and stake tokens into a specific validator to increase the validator's power within the blockchain network. This allows validators to have a greater chance of executing requests, while the delegators earn a part of the validators’ commission. The delegators, however, have to monitor their chosen validators well, as a malicious validator may try to break the system's rules to earn more. In such cases, all the staked tokens of the delegators will be slashed. In other words, there's a tight coupling between two entities, and they should both be responsible for delivering a quality environment of the system.

Test Cases

Test Cases are a unique feature of Oraichain. It is crucial to provide test cases that can verify the correctness and integrity of the AI services on a blockchain network. Third parties can join as Test Case providers to examine if a specific AI model is qualified to charge user fees. Users can also provide outputs they expect from the model and check if the results are similar. This will encourage AI providers to work hard and supply quality services to be able to earn rewards from users.


You are the governor of the product serving you. Oraichain is of, for, and by Community. By owning ORAI tokens, you can take part in the governance, development, and future plans for the Oraichain ecosystem. Because this is a decentralized network, the project development team only creates the foundation, while you can build a bright future for it using your own tokens.

Why conventional blockchain doesn't include AI models?

Current smart contracts cannot run AI models inside and it is almost impossible to integrate an AI model in a smart contract.

Strictness: smart contracts always follow strict rules, where an input must be 100% accurate (e.g. signature) to generate an output. But, AI models don't give such accuracy (e.g. face recognition). Oraichain helps overcome some aspects of strictness to obtain better functionality and user experience.


Environment: smart contracts are typically written in high-level programming languages, such as Solidity and Rust that provide stricter syntax and better security. However, AI models are typically written in Python or Java.


Data size: smart contracts often have very small storage space, since it helps reduce transaction fees in some blockchain networks, such as Ethereum. Compared to this, the size of an AI model is relatively large.


Popular AI Providers


card image

CTO & Co-founder
Thao Nguyen

M.S. in CS from HUST

Co-founder of V-Chain, Datohost

card image

CPO & Co-founder
Duc Pham

B.S. in CS from HUST

Co-founder of Zeeroo

card image

Blockchain Scientist
Binh-Minh Nguyen

Researcher at HUST

Ph.D. from Slovak University of Technology

card image

AI & Blockchain Scientist
Ba-Lam Do

Researcher at HUST

Ph.D. from Vienna University of Technology

card image

Head of Business Development
Linh Phan

B.S. in International Finance

Foreign Trade University


card image

Advisor & BOD
Ta Son Tung

Rikkeisoft Chairman

Top 30 Under 30 Forbes Vietnam



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Rikkeisoft and Oraichain to Expand AI Blockchain Technology Globally

Rikkeisoft Chairman and CEO to join Oraichain's board of directors to expand overseas partnerships in Japan and the United States.

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Oraichain engages with cybersecurity firm Halborn

Elite cybersecurity firm Halborn completes security testing of the ORAI Vault on yai.finance. Oraichain is committed to ensure we carry out due diligence...

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Update: Locked rewards distribution and new tokenomics

Since we launched Oraichain, one of the pillars that has driven our decisions is to have the best interests of our community and investors in mind. I would like to reassure ...

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Oraichain and KardiaChain partnership

Further to the recent announcement of our strategic partnership with Rikkeisoft, we are proud to announce that Oraichain has now partnered with KardiaChain.

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