Oraichain’s Vision

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Core Technologies

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Mainnet & Subnetworks

Secure IBC-enabled decentralized proof-of-stake network with options for both CosmWasm and EVM native developers.

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AI oracle

End-to-end infrastructure to support the creation of trustworthy AI services for Web2 or AI oracles for Web3.

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OBridge supports communication and asset transfer between IBC, ETH, BSC, and TRON to create cross-chain harmony.

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ZK Engine

Configurable privacy to ensure third parties only receive access to the data they need without revealing confidential information.

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Decentralized Storage

Secure, decentralized file storage with encryption, access control, authentication, peer-to-peer, large capacity, and data resilience.

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Real-world assets tokenized for transparency. AI analytics, data validation, surveillance expedite due diligence & mark-to-market.