The World's First AI Oracle for Blockchains


Empowering Blockchain with Artificial Intelligence

Oraichain’s AI Oracle is the gateway to incorporate machine learning functionalities into smart contracts. Marking the end of the ‘read-only’ era, Blockchain can finally unlock an unlimited range of applicability.

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    Decentralized Finance

    “Automated strategies to farm and trade”
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    Big Data and IoT

    “Empowering data economy on blockchain”
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    Enterprise and Manufacturing

    “AI to level smarter manufacturing”
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    “One Person, one Identity”
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    “AI + Blockchain as tools to improve healthcare”
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    “AI that personalizes and Blockchain that secures”
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    “Solving the origin problem”
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    “AI derived insurance strategies”
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    Global Logistics

    “A portal between worlds”
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    Job Market

    “Automated screening and recommendation”


Decentralizing AI with Blockchain

With Blockchain technology, Oraichain implements an innovative mechanism for incentivizing cooperation by offering royalties to contributors. This creates a decentralized ecosystem to connect the workforce, inspiring improved and more scalable Artificial Intelligence solutions.

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    AI Marketplace

    “One-stop shop for all AI needs”
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    Data Hub

    “Birthplace of data and test cases”
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    Labeling Hub

    “Collective knowledge”
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    Request Hub

    “Bridging needs and solutions”
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    Publisher Service

    “Cloud infrastructure for AI APIs”
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    DApp Hosting

    “Online Dapp builder”


Building Innovative Dapps across many Blockchains

Minimizing changes in audited smart contracts of blockchains, but maximizing the functionalities by unlimiting innovation for Dapps, Oraichain’s AI Oracle allows developers to interact with smart contracts with their favorite programming languages such as Python, Java, Rust, and others.

Oraichain’s AI Oracle can be adaptively bridged across many other popular blockchains such as Ethereum, Cosmos, Polkadot, Binance Smart Chain, and more.

Our Products

DeFi with AI-based prediction and yield farming


Automated NFT generation and copyright with NFT Database, Originality Check, Marketplace, and Farming


Creating training datasets and test cases with online annotation crowdsourcing

AI Marketplace

One-stop shop for all AI services: Data, Model, Solution, UI, Hosting

Coming soon
Super Dapp

Platform to create innovative Dapps that utilize AI Oracles and ORAI Wallet

Coming soon
Request Hub

Customizing AI solutions and AI Competitions

Coming soon

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